What began as a blog in 2009...

Turned into a Central Hub for Small Businesses to get the Tools that They Need.

Sure, we’ve had a ton of hick-ups and apathy along the way. But at some point of pushing and not giving up, we found our place in the software community… and now we LOVE what we do.

Software & Tool Sourcing

Our staff and users investigate to find the most affordable, best featured software catered to small and medium sized businesses.

Small Business Mobile & Web Apps, Catered to You.

We provide mobile and web apps affordably to businesses, with the base cost being $500. Forget spending thousands of dollars and headaches trying to get what you need.

Elevating the Software Community

Are you a software company that has decided to be generous with your “soft-powers” by giving businesses the ability to use your software until they’re able to get going? We want to reward you for your generosity with free promotion.

Our Story

It all started in 2009, during the mighty financial crash, and I was about to finish university, and I was broke.

I entered into a business plan competition at my university in my last year, surprisingly I made it to the semi-finals of the competition with my idea for a free parking locator web/mobile app. Then I was shut down publically in front of financial and banking executives by an angry computer science professor. I caved into the demeaning words he said, dropped the idea (which got snagged by someone else), decided to join the workforce and started a blog on Blogger instead.

I had studied business management, and had focused my studies in entrepreneurship, and even though I loved learning about entrepreneurship and felt like I was nerdy and geeky, in truth I had no hard skills and didn’t know how to develop them. I started interning for a startup for free, but no matter how much I felt like I golden advice, I really didn’t know what I was saying. After three months, they couldn’t find a case to hire me and at the very least didn’t want to pay me either. What I knew was that I was broke so I couldn’t afford anything, and I knew that I loved the internet of things, even if at the time I didn’t even know how to setup a WordPress website.

So what did I do? I just started writing. I started a blog called best3forfree.com, I wanted to highlight the best three software of every category, of every year to make it easy for businesses to locate software and tools, without the hassle of wasting time going to the crap or popular mediocre software. I dreamt that by doing this I would inspire programmers to cater to small business, being sensitive in pricing and to ensure their quality. I loved using tools and investigating, and turned that into a hobby of sorts. I blogged for a bit, writing about much more than software, and just started posting links to my articles all of the internet where it was relevant.

Within a few months, I was hitting 100,000 viewers per month. I installed a widget to monitor the traffic in real-time and then I became addicted. Long story short, the story ends in a not-so-dramatic finale… eventually I got a job in tech for startup doing email automation/ and “not so automated” email, and I left the blog to wither for several years. Some time later I revisited my dying blog, and realized that I can truncate the lengthy domain to b3ware.com. So searched for the domain, found that it was available, and I bought it. But even after I bought it, the domain just kind of sat, and continued to lie around in an empty and lonely space of the internet.

It wasn’t until many years later, I quit my job at the time (I was working for a media company in San Francisco), and I decided to travel. I moved to South America for almost a year while I contemplate my next move. Slowly but surely, I refined B3Ware.com with a purpose. From the dying empty windy plains of the internet, a spark flashed; an idea had arisen and a breathe of life was evoked from what was once a dead blog. Now… we have at any one time, 10-20 part-time writers and software investigators, a technical team of developers, and have created a refined product where we empower small businesses with their own applications. What will come tomorrow? We aren’t exactly sure but we do know that we love what we do. With the arrival of coronavirus, we realized that our purpose was as important as ever, as the world will likely become more digitized. If you would like to become apart of the B3Ware community, don’t hesitate to reach out us. We look forward to helping you achieve, and we’re cheersing to your success.

Put yourself out there, if some angry computer science professor knocks you down, dust yourself off, show him the birdie, and push yourself forward.

With infinite blessing to you and yours-
-Vik at B3Ware, Chief Bootstrapper and Founder.

“I love that B3Ware does my homework for me and help me understand which tools I should use. I mean who wants to spend weeks trying the thousand email marketing softwares out there? Let me know what’s cheap, what’s effective, and what’s going to get me results. Thanks B3Ware, killin’ it.”

- SHLOMIT AZULAY , Founder and Creator


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Not only to we analyze software, but we cut out the stuff that isn't the "creme of the crop." That way you don't waste your time on software that's either too expensive or not performing.



Fill out a relatively quick questionnaire, in about 1-2 weeks you can expect an app at your door. Ready to roll and connect you to your clients and customers on your terms.

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